Monday, January 4, 2010

Farewell to cousin Kumar and family

My cousin, Kumar and his wife, Padma akka, children, Anirudh and Adhithi left to India today at 2 p.m. My father-in-law and I sent them off at the airport with a heavy heart. We had great time with them and we are going to miss them dearly. I especially grew very close to Padma akka as we had similar stories to share. She and her husband are very caring people and I adore them very much. We are definitely looking forward to visiting them in India soon.

After the airport, as soon as I came back home, I saw a lady standing at the guard house holding a bouquet of roses. And the moment she saw me, she asked "Are you Geeta? This is for you". I was surprised and knew instantly it was from my dear husband. What a pleasant surprise - the roses brought a smile on my face and made my day :) Thank you, love!


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