Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mamil Mama Pregnancy Talk

We attended the pregnancy forum organized by Mamil Mama Gold Club at the Grand Dorsett Subang hotel on the 17th of July. The talk was from 12.30 - 6 pm and the registration fee was only RM 10. As it was our first time attending a talk on pregnancy, we didn't know what to expect. So, we agreed that we would leave earlier if it's boring. But the whole event turned to be so interesting and well organized.

We were served some light refreshments upon arrival and then we were escorted into the grand ballroom where there was a violin group performing all the classic pieces from Beethoven and Mozart - absolutely beautiful.

The first session was a general talk on optimal nourishment during pregnancy and pregnancy development and the origins of health. Both the speakers gave excellent talk on pregnancy-related topics. We definitely learned new things. 

The next session was divided into 3 topics of which you can choose to attend any one of the talks. We chose to attend the "Preparing mothers for breastfeeding" talk. I was told many horror stories of the difficulties of breastfeeding and attending the talk definitely prepared me mentally on what to expect and how to be prepared to effectively breastfeed. Before the talk, I couldn't understand why so many mothers give up on breastfeeding and switch to formula milk. This talk helped us to understand the potential problems and how to overcome some of the breastfeeding hurdles that most first-time-mothers face.

After the talk, we were served scrumptious lunch with the live violin performance in the background. We were so impressed by the whole organizing committee of this talk - it was certainly worth our time!

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