Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A diligent student

The sight of me carrying a pile of books and scurrying to the library sends my supervisor beaming with pride - what he doesn't know is that I haven't read the books (yet!) and the reason I am hurrying to the library is that the books are wayyyyy overdue (I have always been the faithful donor to our university library's fund). I stood at the library counter forking out a sum of money for my absent-mindedness - and yet again told the librarian to renew the books (I can't remember for how many zillionth times I have renewed the same books) - with the faith that I will read 'em ONE FINE DAY.

I've always concentrated on reading and reviewing journals - and the books on my research area have always sat idle. With the renewed books on my desk, I am starting to have a renewed confidence that I will 'devour' every page of the books for the total sum of overdued fines I have been paying till date.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll get there... :P

especially, if there's more encouragement from my part. ;)

Way to go sayang! I'm proud of you too.

AGAPE said...

thanks, sayang! I am lucky for having your loving encouragement and support