Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nestlings

This was an amazing and educational experience for us. First, we watched a pair of birds build its nest on one of the potted plants situated at the corner of our porch in Melaka - they laboriously collected twigs, tissue papers, and recycled other materials found nearby the compound of our house and carefully built a cosy nest for its nestlings. After a week or so, we found 2 eggs in the nest; and after a couple of weeks we spied into the nest while the parents were away to find food and saw two cute little hatchlings halfway out from the egg-shell. 

And after a week, the first hatchling flew off from its nest - it was so heartwarming to watch. But the other hatchling had trouble flying and ended up hoping on the floor. Fearing that it might be harmed by our dogs or the crows, my mom had to be the little birdie's 'parent' - by placing it back on its nest everytime it drops on the ground; much to the dismay of the the hatchling's real parents. They were always flying around the hatchling when it's on the ground; and it seemed as though they were teaching it to fly. It is so heart-warming to watch them protect and guard the hatchling from any potential danger; and feeding it as the little fellow hops on the ground. They even tried to attack my mother when she picked the little fellow up to place it in the safety of its nest. Eventually, the little fellow managed to fly :) The whole experience of watching the parent and the hatchlings was very special for us :)

The hatchling that had trouble flying - such a cutie pie

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