Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have been busy with coordinating the industrial training work, and hardly can find time to concentrate on my PhD studies. I feel guilty each time I bump into my supervisor; he certainly seems more eager than I do in this. And I am tired of giving him the same excuse of my lagging behind the deadline. This time round, I am no longer the coordinator for industrial training though I am still in the committee; this shall reduce my workload alot besides having to teach. Everytime after meeting my supervisor, I'd be so energetic and determined to 'crazily' sit and write up on the thesis. But, after seeing the piles of letters and fax on my table, I'd be drowned in that work of sorting out and organizing. I've finished most of the paperwork; I am relieved! Now, I must start serious reading for the thesis.
My supervisor had long been asking on the date for my proposal defense (it's long overdue) and I haven't been giving him definite answers; I certainly am not looking forward for that. After giving up waiting for me, finally he set the date for my defense, which will be next month; 27th Feb. Okay, I work well under pressure; especially working on deadline...

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