Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last weekend was Karen's (Sharon's sis) wedding. On Friday, Ai Lin, Chin Lay and myself went over to Sharon's place to discuss about the 'bully' session which is to take place on the next day, i.e., Saturday. We were the Chee Muis (a.k.a bridesmaid or kaki bully in this case) for Sharon's sister's wedding, and we were looking forward for it, hehe...so on Friday night, we planned on how to bully the groom and the bestman. Sharon prepared the halapeno pepper sauce, bitter gourd sauce, black soya paste and honey sauce to 'feast' the groom and his konco-konco.
We had a fantastic dinner on Friday at her place; satay, pizza, noodles, chicken curry, fruits and wine. The next morning, we went early to Sharon's house to help her out. Chin Lay and I wore the same dress we bought for the occassion; it's a spagetti-strap-bubble dress in champagne color; I absolutely love the dress. It was my first experience attending a Chinese wedding; and I had a good time, especially the Chee Mui session! It was so hilarious! The deal was if the groom can't answer questions about the bride's family, he/his buddies has to have a taste of the 'special' sauces. Obviously he doesn't know the birthdays of all the members of the family, so they had the 'privilege' of tasting the homemade sauces. The pitiest of them all was the bestman who has to eat the chilli paste; he maintained his cool, but after that seen sweating profusely; haha tahan macho. After the tea ceremony at the bride's place, we headed off in my car to the groom's place for another tea ceremony; we had delicious Nyonya dishes there.

Later in the evening, we attended the wedding dinner at CityBayview Hotel. Karen looked stunning in the traditional Nyonya outfit and later changed to a beautiful evening gown. I shall post the pictures later (since we forgot to bring our camera, we have to get a copy from the photographer).

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