Monday, February 4, 2008

It's already February!

Weekend came and went so fast. Hmm, it's already February, and am wondering what happened to all my new year's resolutions, hehe; which was what I read about making and breaking new year resolutions, which according to facts and figures, most new year resolutions are broken by the end of the first month of the new year; how 'encouraging' is that! Well, I did manage to 'keep' to some of my resolutions, which is to exercise more frequently (a resolution which I have been faithfully 'breaking' since I can't remember when). I have been going for swimming frequently last month and I have the feeling that I'll live up to this resolution this year, hehe.

Did some office work on Saturday and gosh I still haven't started on preparing for the proposal presentation. I am just trying to clear all other work before fully concentrating on this; which I have realised will never happen; so I must enhance my multitasking skills. After sacrificing my Saturday doing work, I decided to go for a movie with a colleague on Sunday evening; my mantra: reward thyself after working your a** out; I didn't really work my a** out, but still I dutifully went on to reward my self (somehow feeling guity). The funny part is that both my colleague and I knew that the movie is gonna suck big time - but we went for it - to improve our movie-critique-ing 'skills', i guess.

Anyway, planning to work hard for these few days and enjoy later for Chinese New Year :)

My beloved Casper and Prince (the brats!)

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