Friday, July 4, 2008

2nd Day of Conference in Korea

The 2nd day of the conference was held in Kwangon University at Chuncheon; it’s one of the most beautiful provinces in South Korea; the sceneries are breathtaking with stretches of mountains and some creeks along the journey; it's about almost 3 hrs drive from Seoul.
We had our lunch in one of the traditional Korean restaurant in Chuncheon.
Potato pancake (absolutely delicious)

Kimchi (pickled cabbage)

The cold noodle served on summer

Then, we headed to Kwangon University; the univeristy compound is huge and surrounded with trees - a perfect place to study. I presented my paper on that second day.

One of the presentation halls

The final part of the conference
The conference organizers arranged a fabulous garden dinner at restaurant on a hill. It was a splendid view from the top and the wind was blowing like crazy; it was pretty chill. Thank God a gentleman – Igor – rescued me by lending me his coat.

They also arranged some traditional Korean dances - it was splendid - with the dancers performing graciously behind the backdrop of the sunset view of the town.

Thanet, myself, and Igor

We stayed in a hotel located on a hill - the view was awesome.

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