Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Knock on the Door and Gratitude

The moment I heard a knock on my office door, I was "Oh, not again!". Lately, I have been engrossed in completing my research paper and any knocks on the door irritated me; with students coming and asking the same questions over and over again - which I have repeated over and over again. So, this time I gave the same reaction when I heard the knock; and 2 eager-looking students peeped through the half-opened door- only that it was for a different reason that they wanted to see me. I quickly uttered "I'm busy" before they can open their mouth to say anything - and they were so apologetic for 'stealing' my time - and said "Miss, we want to thank you very much for teaching us - and we came to pass you some chocolates". A dash of emotions laden with guilt came rushing to my mind - and I thought to myself "I am just too impatient". These were two nice girls who simply wanted to say thank you and I nearly chased them out just because I was cracking my head on a research paper. And when I saw the chocolate gift nicely wrapped with a ribbon and a thank-you-note - I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of my students.

Sometimes I realise that we forget to express our gratitute even for the smallest things. These students made sure they remembered - even when I forgot - I guess that's the biggest reward from being an educator - you learn from your students on the simplest things in life.

I am now savoring the chocs and thinking about my good karma and making a promise to myself to smile when there is a knock on the door...

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Anonymous said...

I cudn't stop myself from commenting on dis post Miss! haha..sounds so familiar. :)been going thru ur blog..got d link from your facebook profile..it is soo interesting..dint know dat u r suc an interesting person.;)..since i dun knw hw to cook much, might jus try ur recipes one day! :P keep in touch.

- ur student who appreciates u-
(choco one..haha)