Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It has been a week since I blogged. Lately, besides baking, I've not been penning down my thoughts and feelings on my blog, because I just didn't know how to express it; or maybe I don't wanna express it. Prayers and meditation gives me direction and hope and strength.

When I needed hope and some direction, just looking back at my earlier blog entries gives me a sense of purpose; it serves as a reminder of my enthusiasm, dreams, and passion. The other reason I blog is because I want to share my ideas and thoughts with whomever who reads my blog.

It's gonna be almost the end of the year - one more year passes by; and when I look back, I realised I've accomplished some of the goals which I set out for myself. That gives me satisfaction knowing that I didn't let my time go by just like that. That's the importance of having resolutions and somehow sticking to it.

When I envision the years to come, I feel happy that I have a vision/goal on my mind on how I want to lead my life. In this case, I don't have specific plans on how I am gonna accomplish my mission, but I just know from my heart that I want to do certain things. Alfred and myself find ourselves happy discussing about these. One of it is to migrate to a new place and experience the life there; start a small restaurant/bakery - doing what I love the most - baking; and live in a countryside with lots of sheepdogs, sheep, and horses. And I can sense happiness and excitement just by having a vision of this. I've never had long-term goals till now; I guess it's high time for me to decide how I want to lead my life.


Cheng Leng said...

Wow, what big dreams you have. And how amazing is that, both you and Alfred share the same dream.


AGAPE said...

thanks cheng leng. Alfred doesn't seem to share the same dream when it comes to keeping a monkey as a pet though - he freaked out when I mentioned that, hehe. But in terms of restaurant we have the same dream :)

Anonymous said...

hi ...looking at your blog page..really makes me very happy....