Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cancelled Trip

I cancelled my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam on 23rd March – after much contemplation, I decided not to go (due to more than few reasons) – first, I had to go for ultrasound on that day; second, because my dad and granddad will be returning from India on the 24th,; third, because of Alfred; and fourth, there’s just too many things that I needed to sort out.

We (my colleagues, Chin Lay and I – 11 of us) booked the ticket from Air Asia some time last year – which I should have realized that it’s way too long a period to wait before the travel time – I should have realized that life can be so unpredictable that it’s not practical to book flight ticket one year in advance – although it was a super-save deal.

I was really looking forward to go on this trip – first reason: I will be travelling with some fun-filled-adventure-loving-people whom I can get along with; secondly, I have always wanted to visit Cambodia and Vietnam. Chin Lay is also supposed to follow us – and because I couldn’t go, she didn’t go as well – feel bad for that. Until the end, I was almost sure that I will be going – but, at the end, because of the ultrasound that I needed to go on that day, Chin Lay advised that it’s better not to go.

Right now, part of my thoughts are with my colleague in Siem Reap – what a waste for me…

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