Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last Tuesday, I started a 'deworming, kidney cleansing, and colon cleansing' dietary program with few of my colleagues. My colleague, Dr. David Tong was the one who initiated the idea of this detox program and suggested that we do it together and give each other moral support. I was eager to cleanse away all the junks that I have bombarded my digestive system over the years. I need to give my stomach some days off (actually few weeks off!).

We collected money and Dr. David bought in bulk all the items needed for the detox: Psyllium husk, Fruit enzymes health drink, non-dairy organic oats, Propolis, and brown rice. I bought for myself and my mum - we decided to do this together.

Psyllium husk - is mainly used as a dietary fiber, which is not absorbed by the small intestine. The purely mechanical action of psyllium mucilage absorbs excess water while stimulating normal bowel elimination. Although its main use has been as a laxative, it is more appropriately termed a true dietary fiber.

Propolis is a resinous mixture that bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Natural medicine practitioners often use propolis for the relief of various conditions, including inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, superficial burns or scalds.

The detox program started with deworming - which I started last Tuesday for 3 days - no fasting is required for this, but we avoided oily and spicy meals - ate porridge on these days. During the 3-days of taking the de-worming tablets, we also drank celery seed (as a tea) to cleanse the kidney for 2 days.

On Friday after the 3-day deworming, we started pre-fasting diet - no meat, oil, and fish - so porridge and mushroom soup were my meals. So, last Friday to Sunday our diet consisted mostly of soft and easily digested meals - no oil, sugar, and meat. By that time, I was feeling constantly hungry already.

Yesterday, which is on Monday is the real fasting - where we have to consume the Psyllium husk, Fruit enzymes health drink, non-dairy organic oats, and Propolis for the next 11 days. Downing the Psyllium husk drink is pretty disgusting because of it's gel-like texture - thank God it's tasteless though; and Propolis is damn bitter. So basically we are on a tasteless (and bitter), oil-less, and spice-less diet.

For the past few days, I was so tempted when I see delicious food on the table; my tastebuds is yearning like crazy for all the delicious-yummy-finger-licking food. Yesterday, I was this close in breaking the fast, haha; but managed to control myself... Food is definitely my weak point - since I am in love with food itself - and this experience teaches me some self-control :) So basically, my stomach is on holiday but my tongue is rebelling, hehe.


Anonymous said...

G, never read this in any dietary book. Celebrities may stop atkins diet

AGAPE said...

this is different from the atkins diet - this involves cleansing the colon and after the initial fasting the food intake is introduced gradually as not to shock the system. well, i guess what matters the most is how much belief you have in it and continue practising it ;)