Sunday, March 9, 2008


On Saturday, I attended Ai Lin's sister's wedding dinner at Orna Country Resort with Chin Lay and Sharon. It's a nice place though secluded, especially at night coz it's so quiet. We kinda made a 'grand' entrance; that is we entered just in time when the food was paraded; everyone's eyes were on us when we had to walk down the 'aisle' to get to our table; they would have thought we were part of the food presentation, haha; felt so 'center-of-the-attention'. The food was good. Had a good time catching up.


Seelan said...

Its nice to see the wonderfull moment of couples tie the knot to bring their journey as husband and wife till the end of their life.
So when can you put your marriage pictures in this blog. I be glad to see that too.

AGAPE said...

hi seelan, i'd definitely put up the pics of my wedding after my marriage :)