Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding Planning

We've got 2 months more to our wedding - and honestly, we've not been doing much for the past 8 months ever since he was diagnosed. After his last treatment, we've been dilly-dallying, much to our parents' dismal. We've been busy doing other things and up until now we've not got seriously into the wedding-planning mood - I think it's high time we did - haha, what can be worse than a disastrous wedding.

Things we've done last year:
- Booked both venues for wedding and dinner
- Booked make-up artist
That's about it. And past 2 weeks, we've started the ball rolling - started on the wedding card planning - and we've discussed with the printing press people - and have yet to finalise for print - which we expect to do by next week.
Urgent to-do:
- Caterers (wedding + dinner)
- Decor
With 2 months in our hands, I am trying to be positive on the whole process. Sometimes, tension can rise with so many things to be done in such short time - hope everything turns out great. Now, I'm gearing up my mood for the planning of our wedding - wish me luck!


classyadele said...

Aiks?? I thought u got married already la? (I saw some pics on Facebook - I guess that was your engagement la? Anyway, when's the wedding date then??

AGAPE said...

Yeaps, that was our engagement pics. The wedding was actually last year December but was postponed because of his diagnosis and the ensuing surgery. Wedding is on 5th July. You are coming back here this month rite?

classyadele said...

AHhhhhhHhhhh... :-) Ure in luck. I WILL be back in July :)
My plans to come home this month was screwed up by MAS (it's all on my blog - ranted about it in 3 whole entries!)... so am getting a refund frm them, and have decided to go back later (mid June-mid July) :)

AGAPE said...

That's great news! (not the airlines part though). Pls reserve July 5th (wedding at KL) or July 18th (dinner at Melaka) k? :)

Anonymous said...

GoodLuck Geeta and Alfred for your wedding preparation. Enjoy your moments. Mageselvam.

kavitha & senthil said...

All the best...leave the stress...enjoy the process:)

AGAPE said...

Thanks my dear friends, Mages and Kavi :) I love your quote, Kavi - all the best, leave the stress and enjoy the process - it rhymes!