Monday, May 12, 2008

Reunion with Uni friends

Aina with her cute little fav pink, with Catherine and Indra deep in conversation

Mummy and daughter


the lovely gals

I love this pic

Indra and I (we rock!)

Last weekend I met up with Catherine and Indra with Alfred; Catherine lives in Japan and she is back in Malaysia for a 1-month vacation with her lovely daughter, Aina - and Cath u are very lovely too :) I was so excited in meeting them up; we normally don't get this chance very often to meet up. We had lots of stories to catch up - the latest gossips and we were as crazy as high school girls - still the same :) boy, I certainly miss all those uni days and it feels great to meet up with these gals. Indra and I were recollecting the uni-days mischieves that we got ourselves into - more like the mischieves got into ourselves :D Indra and I were the 'partners-in-crime' and we shared all the joys and sorrows together; I was very happy in meeting her up. Haha, poor Alfred has to 'endure' the excited-gila-gals-talk; but he was enjoying himself - saying that he loves our company - so sweet :)

I totally fell in love with Aina - such a sweet, obedient, lovely, and damn smart gal! Gosh, I was totally smitten by her. She was the highlight of the highlight of the day :) We had lunch at Madam Kuan's and later went to Toys R Us; and Aina had a pick of her fav things - beads and sticker books :) Even in Toys R Us she was in her best behavior :) when I imagine a kid in Toys R Us, only one word comes to my mind - HAVOC! but not with Aina :)

Thanks to Alfred for being patient with us :)

I certainly look forward to more of such reunion :)

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