Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Crazy Old School Days

I certainly had the best childhood memories... and the best times during primary and high school... and also the best times during university days...with a bunch of crazy wacko loyal friends :)

During primary school, had a bunch of crazy friends and I remember all the games we used to play. We come to school early and play all those old-school games; and it still puts a smile on my face when I think about it. We'd play 'hantu galah' and 'ibu ayam' during recess; and I think that's the most fun game any kids could play (instead of studying or sitting in front of a computer 24/7); so I am thankful that I enjoyed my childhood to the max; because now i know it'd never come back... After school, we used to play the 'rope game'; we are always doing something fun...And that was the time I fractured my collar bone when a dear friend of mine playfully pushed me, hehe... all the memories; precious memories...

In high school, we come to school very early because we take the first-trip bus to school. And the time we spent in school during the early morning is a blast! Our dear friend Charmane is the main entertainer of the lot :D and I can never forget the 'stunts' we do together, haha... it's no joke when they say "convent girls are brats!"; so true... and we were the leading example. We used to play all sorts of games behind the school field in the wee hours of the morning... really wacko crazy hyperactive convent gals! Unlike certain of our classmates, we were not into boys and crushes and stuff... we were still crazy kiddos during our teenage years... Then after school we used to walk to the shopping complex and go to the bookstores to rent books; and I remember reading Mills & Boons for the first time during high school and getting excited like a jakun, haha... and I remember once that there was this Anatomy book in our school library which illustrates all the male and female 'parts' and we were all so excited as if we found a gold mine! and I remember one of our friends even hid the book so that the book won't be found and be taken away; and the news of the book was spread like a wild fire among all our close friends...haha; oh boy, those jolly good days :)

My best friend and I used to go to LD (Laser-discs) centre to watch movies; I can't believe we went to all these places alone despite it's creepy-looking-ambience. At that time, we were oblivious of the risks and that's why we were happy-going-smooth-flowing-jolly-golly people, hehe not worried about any s*** in the world. Compared to now, as a grown-up, we take more calculated risks, which can bore me at times.

We used to go to the crocodile farm and the 'ghost house' and it was so much fun. We also had picnics in a recreational forest which was so isolated and quiet; haha; but all that risks were not on our mind as we were busy enjoying the food each one of us brought and enjoying each other's company. We were so used to taking 2 buses to get to the town; when I think about it now, it appalls me of our dilligence and courage when we were still young. And we did so much more things than what I can describe here. And we were all lucky for having sporting parents who gave us all the freedom in the world. Maybe that's why we never misused the freedom given to us. We certainly had the best childhood times; and we did all the crazy things; and the memories stay forever and I am thankful for that.


Grace Tan said...

Hi Geeta... Wow what a nice write up about growing up and memories. :) Twas good years... yes it was.

AGAPE said...

yeah indeed; me dreaming of those days now :D

Elvina said...

Thanks for writing this.