Saturday, April 19, 2008

Morning walk

My latest addiction – early morning walk. I just came back from one; with my dogs, of course. No matter how late I get to bed the night before, I somehow spring to action when it comes to taking a morning stroll accompanied by the rays of sunlight peeking from the feather-like clouds; absolutely beautiful. For me, it’s definitely not worth the sleep-in to miss this morning walk. And my dogs, no matter how groggy they are when they wake up, are always excited when I pick up the leash. Since I have 3 dogs, I will make 2 trips; I am more than excited to make more than 2 trips; we take a longer route during the weekends. The chirpings of the bird and the morning breeze is my alarm clock – so fresh and soothing it can beat out any grogginess out of my head. The idea of waking up to all these makes you start the day with high spirit. As it goes ~ I love the mornings since it makes me feel so alive~

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