Friday, April 18, 2008

Rainy morning at office

Yay Yay! It's's pouring here now... and I am revved up in work. I get so 'boosted-up' when it rains; provided I am not picnic-ing, of course. Absolutely love the rain and the after-rain scent; the raindrops on roses; and the moist breeze; perfect! it has been years since I played in the rain :) the last was when I went to the A'Famosa safari with my friends, and it started pouring during the elephant show; and the elephant trainers were so excited seeing us running bare-footed towards the car; and it was so fun getting wet and laughing along the way; we didn't mind the rain; instead we took our time to get to the car; looking at the elephant trainers dancing and having fun with their 'pet' under the rain. Happy happy joy joy!

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