Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My student, My troubleshooter

A problem that can't be fixed by a Dell Technical Expert over a super-long phone conversation is solved by my student in a matter of minutes. I was having some problem with my laptop speaker volume - which was not loud enough for my used-to-blasting-in-the-eardrum hearing. I got tired with the end-less list of commands by the technical guy but still unable to fix the problem at hand; I almost wanted to tell him "it's ok, i guess i can figure it out by myself" and the phone got disconnected just in time :P And my student who was witnessing the entire 'merry-go-round' troubleshooting process offered to help; I was skeptical at first; but didn't wanna dissapoint her. And she called her boyfriend and he assisted her step-by-step through the process and wow it was solved before I even realised :) Thanks, Kim Lan!

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