Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in Melaka

Alfred left to Aberdeen on Monday for a business & conference trip for 10 days. This is the first time we are being apart after marriage - feels weird without him by my side as we are so used to being with each other and doing things together.

Apart from the PhD reason, that's another reason why I took sabbatical leave - just so that we can spend more time together - and also because I am tired of a nomadic life. That's the best decision I've made and I am happy for having more time in my hands now :) Speaking of which, I am still warming up on my PhD thesis - just so difficult to get the ball rolling - everyday is a new ball game altogether - and everyday I pray to have more focus, determination, perseverance, and diligence.


Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings being apart.Life changes when marriage take place.
Phd, tell me about it ! mages

AGAPE said...

Yes, dear. We have to persevere and achieve our dreams! :)