Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Holidays @ Balok Beach

Last Sunday was beach-day-out - and our favorite beach is Balok Beach in Pahang. Balok Beach is perfect for kite-surfing - one of Alfred's favorite hobbies. And it's perfect for me to sit back, relax and enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. We love this beach for it's relatively flat surface and shallow waters - perfect for a relaxed swim - and usually it's not crowded as compared to Cherating or Teluk Cempedak.

Alfred and his instructor, Leo - getting ready to fly the kite

Alfred trying to control his kite before going into the water

Kite-surfing is certainly not an easy sport - you need to have skills to control the kite while trying to maintain balance in the midst of crashing waves - basically you need to know where the wind is coming from and control the kite accordingly and try to stay on the board while balancing yourself on the waves. Alfred is still in learning stage - he is enthusiastic in mastering the skills of kite-surfing soon.


Elaine said...

nice beach and interesting activity. ^^

AGAPE said...

Yes, it's a beautiful beach - most importantly it's less crowded :)