Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Just a quick update on my weekend. Saturday was Chin Lay's bday... the night before baked a cheesecake for her-with less sugar :) she loved it... we went to Jln Bendahara (the Indian Street) for shopping. Bought a saree for my mum....then we saw a nice saree for young people like us (hehe) and bought one for myself and another for Chin Lay as her bday gift...she was very happy :) and said that she'd wear it during my engagement or wedding :) went lunch in Saravana's.... superb food. then we picked Sharon up and went to Chin Lay's place to devour the cheesecake! Then in the evening my mum wanted to go to Tesco. On the way, went to Devibala to exchange the saree; my mum wanted a blue saree... the street was so happening with people getting ready for Diwali. had our dinner in Tesco's food court...then went shopping for grocery items. Then Sunday - nothing much.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Diwali Prep

Yesterday my sis and I went to temple and then for grocery shopping in the Indian Street (Jln Bendahara) and Tesco. It was fun; I was very upbeat! When it comes to grocery shopping for cooking stuffs, i get so excited. Bought all the stuff for baking cookies and cake. Tonite planning to bake the cheesecake for Chin Lay's bday tomorrow. My sis had to buy all the party snack stuffs for her 'Canteen Day' tomorrow. We came back after almost 3 hours of shopping! Went makan in Kenny Rogers; wacked all the potatoes, as usual :- i am all bloated. Might make 'Chittu Urundai' today as well and the different style jam tart. Looking forward for it!
On another note, I m very happy and calmer now. Everything will fall in place, I believe...And eventually all my dreams will come true! Thank you, God.