Wednesday, June 16, 2010

@ Mages's House

A day at Mages's condo in Shah Alam with the kids during their school break - the kids are her family friend's children. Though it was chaotic - Mages having to manage 3 kids - it was a fun-filled day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Karate Kid

Of course this wasn't as good as the original Karate Kid. However, Jaden Smith's acting was outstanding and the scenes from the Chinese temple situated on top of the hill was breathtaking. My rating for this movie: 4/5.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day at Idaman Residence

Today, is the key-hand-over day. The cleaner came in the morning to do the final cleaning and the place looked spic-and-span and beautiful. I can't believe we are leaving our first home where we stayed for 1 year 3 months. But, it's time to move on. 

The amenities that we enjoyed during our stay there which we will definitely be missing alot:
1. The KLCC park. We love going for a walk there early in the morning.
2. The pool.
3. A stone's throw away from Suria KLCC. We always enjoy the convenience of not having to be trapped in the traffic to go out for dinner or catch a movie. We will take a short walk to Suria KLCC and dine in the foodcourt at Level 2; and hop over to TGV to catch a movie. It was darn convenient - all in a stone's throw away. A walk to Pavillion only takes about 10 minutes. Pudu is so nearby. Convenience. 

Things that we will not be missing:
1. The noise from the construction sites near our condo.
2. The cooped-up-with-no-garden-view feeling.
3. Not being able to keep a dog.

I took this pictures just before the tenant dropped by to collect the keys.

The living room:

The kitchen:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

The guest bedroom and bathroom:


Bye bye Idaman Residence. Thanks for giving us shelter and comfort throughout our stay there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Alfred took leave today to settle all the remaining stuffs. The lorry and the movers arrived around 9.30 a.m. and they helped to transport all the boxes to John's sister's place in Melawati. It was very kind of John to let us store our boxes there for the meantime. All in all, we had about 17 boxes to be stored there; a working table; two working chairs; and a iron-rod display shelf. 

The dining set arrived around 5 p.m. And after that, we went to Wangsa Maju and Sri Hartamas to look for a house to rent and to survey the neighborhood there. Had dinner at Ikea restaurant - I really enjoyed the tomatoe pasta - delicious!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The first hard kick!

I felt the first hard kick of the baby today! It was so hard, I was stunned. All these while I was feeling flutters and nudges and twists; and now to feel a real hard kick is truly momentous. Alfred felt the kick on my tummy and he was speechless. It's priceless! My little baby, I love you to bits and am looking forward to seeing you soon, darling! Meanwhile, keep on kicking and punching as hard as you want- I am more than glad to feel you practice martial arts in my tummy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Packing Day

Today is a day dedicated to packing - boxes and boxes of stuffs - it seemed neverending. I thought we didn't have much stuff to pack since we are leaving behind most of the furniture. But, once we start packing, more and more things appear. Alfred has already started packing last Friday - all my files and books - which took up lots of space. 

Today, we were packing and sealing the box; packing and sealing; after about 6 hours, we were almost 3/4 done. Then, we headed to Courts Mammoth to purhase the dining set. We found a nice piece which matched the motive on the curtain that we chose - and the dining set was on sale. After that, we headed to Bianco at Damansara for a late lunch. It was a long and tiring day - but we managed to get most of the things packed. Packing is one of the things I dreaded when it comes to moving out; but we don't have much time to even think about it - but to just do it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A long day

My mom and sister arrived safely from India last night. Alfred picked them up from the airport and by the time they reached home it was past midnight. Had a good night rest - there's a long list of things to do the next day.

- In the morning, Alfred went to the workshop to change the tyres - took a long time. He was back almost lunch time.
- After lunch, went to Nilai to have the night-curtain sewn.
- Then, drove to Kota Damansara to Anwar's place to have a feel of the neighbourhood there - hunting for a nice house to rent since we'll have to move out soon.
- Went to Ikea to buy some furnishings for the condo - cushion cover (since the tenant didn't like the red sofa cover that we have now), linen and towel, wall lighting, cutleries, and blinds for the bathrooms.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving out

Today I was lamenting to Alfred on how I wish we could find a nice landed house with a nice cute garden. Although staying right smack in the middle of the city centre has its advantages, I never liked being cooped up in a condominium. It was not in our original plan to stay at the Idaman Residence condo unit; Alfred purchased the condo unit mainly for investment purpose - either sell it when there's a good price for it or rent it out.

We've been trying to find for a tenant for quite some time now. But I have to admit we were not actively looking to rent our place out since day-by-day we grew comfortable in the place and we've made it our home. It took us lots of effort and time in getting the condo unit furnished - from lighting and other fixtures, to the other soft furnishings to make the place a comfy home. But we both knew that we've always wanted to live in a landed home with a garden.

So, I was telling Alfred on the phone today that it's high time that we seriously look to rent out the place and move into a nice-cozy-home-with-a-garden and keep a dog. But, I didn't expect things to fall in place this quickly! Soon after the conversation today, Alfred made few calls to real estate agents and found an expat looking for a place to stay near KLCC area. The guy was immediately free to come and have a look at our place and he liked our place - and they negotiated the rental - and before I knew it, both parties agreed on the terms and conditions. The tenant was keen to grab the opportunity to rent the place since we offered a much lower rental rate compared to the going market rate for a fully furnished unit. We decided not to be greedy and to be realistic instead. The rental agreement is for 1-year. And the tenant wants to move in immediately. Wow, it's all happening too fast. We requested for a week to pack up our belongings and agreed to hand over the keys next Wednesday evening, 9th June.

Although, initially we both experienced a separation-syndrome after realizing that we will be moving out soon, -all the oh-i-am-gonna-miss-this-and-that- but we know that this is what we wanted and now it's time to act on it when the opportunity presents itself.