Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Long-Overdue Reunion

Aaron (Gaya's hubby), Gaya, and Us

The last we met was back in 1998. After almost 12 years, we made this reunion come true at Delicious, Bangsar. Gaya was my high school mate back in IJC, Melaka. Back then, we were a bunch of hyper-excited high school girls - I certainly had the best times during my primary and secondary schooling years. Now, we are married and carry many responsibilities on our shoulders - but we still haven't lost the giggly-convent-schoolgirls charm :) 

We reminisced on the good ol' days and laughed about it. Gaya refreshed my memory on some of the things we used to do - it's so heart-warming to be able to remember all that. Gaya is such a sweet and caring soul - I enjoy her company and her bubbly-ness. And Aaron's sense of humor entertained us throughout the night :) It was a great night accompanied by great company and great food. Gaya and Aaron will be leaving to the US for good in September; we will surely miss them and their laughter :) See you soon, guys!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shutter Island

We didn't have any clue about the movie that we were about to watch. It so happens Shutter Island was screening at the hour when we decided to catch a movie. The movie's poster potrayed a grim and thrilling image of the scenes that were about to unfold. So, I told Alfred, if it is a chronically chronic movie, I am walking out of the cinema theatre. Gone were the days when I used to love watching horror and manic-chronic movies. 

Almost halfway through the movie, I was almost tempted to leave the cinema - there were some disturbing scenes that I wouldn't want to be watching at this point in time. However, something inside told me to stay - as I was partially curious about the movie's ending. After the movie ended, we took sometime to digest the ending and the whole plot - the movie left us thinking and reviewing all the scenes. 

I would say this is the BEST movie I've watched this year in terms of its story and plot. Extremely thrilling and filled with suspense till the end. Even the ending has a twist to it - the plot is genius. Leonardo di Caprio and Ben Kingsley gave a superb performance in this movie. This movie gives us a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of the criminally insane. Although there are some disturbing scenes, the plot of this movie makes it worthwhile to watch.

I was glad that we didn't read the movie's review - it would have spoilt the suspense. Go with an open mind  and keep guessing until the end. Pay attention to the last line by the lead cast at the end of the movie - that's the punchline - but then, it's open for discussion as different people may interpret it in different ways. How you interpret the ending determines the movie's success in delivering its message. I would rate Shutter Island 5/5.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ramli Ibrahim's Vision of Forever: Sneak Preview

We went for a special preview of Ramli Ibrahim's Vision of Forever performance concert at the Sutra Dance theatre in Pesiaran Titiwangsa on Friday, 16th April. The special event was only for invited guests - it is sort of like a sneak preview to the actual concert to be held from April 22-25 at the Istana Budaya. Since Alfred's cousin, Chin Hock does accounts for the Sutra House under Ramli Ibrahim, we had the privilege to go for the special preview at the Sutra House - Ramli Ibrahim's haven for the arts. We were spell-bounded by the design of the house - a simple spacious wooden-floored studio opens out onto the lawn and trees - the whole place exudes an air of peace and tranquility. Paintings were displayed on the wall spaces in the studio space. We were transfixed by the paintings - full of mystery and creativity. 

After the mingling session, we were invited to the amphitheatre in the garden to watch the performance. The amphitheatre provides a mystical setting - a great design. We were spell-bounded by the performance- so full of energy and life. I was overwhelmed with emotions - it truly moved me to my core. We decided to buy the tickets for the gala dinner performance of Vision of Forever on the 24th April at the Istana Budaya. 

After the preview performance, we were served a wonderful dinner. We had a great time chatting and mingling with everyone there. We felt lucky to attend this private gathering at the comfort of the Sutra House. Since it was a private event, we got to meet and chat with Ramli Ibrahim. He stricked to me as a soft-spoken and humble man. He even came and served us some cheesecake :)

After spending 2 1/2 months cooped up at home in Melaka, I truly enjoyed myself that night. A great and memorable evening. Although we were unable to attend the Vision of Forever concert at the Istana Budaya last Saturday because I was down with cold, we were still contented that we got to attend the private party and watched one of the preview performances at a close-up distance and having met Ramli Ibrahim in person.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Bump at 12 weeks

My little pregnancy bump started showing from week 11 onwards. During the first trimester - from week 6 until week 13, I was experiencing nausea with no vomitting. Other symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite; and an enlargement of the breasts (I look at myself at the mirror and wonder at times when my breast will stop growing - it is darn huge for me!). Other than that, I have been enjoying my first trimester at the comfort of my home back in Melaka under my mom's nurturing care and love. Although I have no appetite, I feel constantly hungry every 2 hours or so; and my wonderful mother will prepare some food for me. 

At times, I wonder whether there is really a baby growing inside me - it feels so surreal. I will eagerly wait for the next scan - I've seen the gynae more times that he reckoned, hehe. But he is a very patient and kind gentleman - I love him! Everytime after seeing my little miracle from the scan, I feel so alive and assured. And I will go home feeling contented and blessed. I started feeling some flutters in my tummy during the 14th week; at first I thought must be gas; but after several times, I was convinced it was the baby moving! It is such a subtle sensation. I can't wait to feel the real hard kick ;)

After the 12th week scan, we booked a room at Holiday Inn, Melaka to celebrate. I really loved the stay at Holiday Inn, Melaka - great service, great food, and great ambience. Here are some shots during my 12th week of pregnancy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are Having a Baby!

I am so excited to break this news, finally :) I am pregnant; coming into the 14th week this week. It feels great and amazing! I feel so honored and blessed to be conceiving a life until its full form and to bring it into this world. Pregnancy is the privilege of experiencing God's miracles on earth - the greatest joy in life. It feels so wonderful at the thought of a life that is growing within me - I feel so humbled and blessed. Week after week, watching this tiny miracle growing inside me from the ultrasound scans; and knowing that one day we will hold this child in our hands is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced. From a cluster of cells to a full human-form - I am truly awed at the wonderment of God's work.

My beloved little angle, your daddy and I planned you from the start; and when you were conceived; you, our dear child, were made straight from our hearts. It really doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl; I started loving you even before you were conceived; and I carry you in my dreams every day. Everyday the moment I wake up, I am pleasantly reminded that I am not alone; little tiny hands and legs and body pushing and bouncing in a warm watery home within me; my beloved darling kicking up your heels; it is our little secret that only I can feel; oh, how blessed I am to have you inside me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Movie Reviews

Alice in the Wonderland:
Since I have watched this story ever since I was a child (both animation and movie), there was nothing new that the movie could offer. However, the effects are great and the two fat boys are so lovable. Overall rating is 3/5.

How to Train a Dragon:

I never thought I would absolutely love this computer-animated fantasy film! It has a great storyline - combining love, passion and adventure- and great effects. And it is such a heart-warming story. The story revolves around a young Viking teenager named "Hiccup" who was under the pressure to follow his tribe's tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. He was often ridiculed of being too timid to become a real Viking like his ancestors. 

He goes around looking for a dragon and found one that is unable to fly. He had all the opportunity to kill the dragon but has no heart to do it. He eventually befriends the dragon and 'fixes' the dragon's tail so that it can fly. The moral of the story is that he proved to his father and his tribe that dragons are only dangerous if we treat them as an enemy. When they are treated like a friend, the soft side of them surfaces. I think this can be applied as a life lesson - often, when we perceive someone as an enemy, we fail to appreciate their true good nature. I would rate this film 5/5. I am looking forward to watching this movie again in 3D format - it'd be totally mind-blowing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Everyday Greatness by Steven Covey

A great book with many inspirational stories which highlights the human spirit and the power of the mind. The stories featured in this book exemplifies people overcoming adversity and challenges in their daily lives. The collection of inspiring stories are compiled from the Reader's Digest archives. Most of the stories focus on various aspects of living a fulfilling life - searching for meaning, taking charge, starting within, creating the dream, teaming with others and overcoming adversity. Many of the stories touched my heart deeply and inspires me to lead a more purposeful life. Lately, I've been really slacking and have been lazing around alot. Reading these types of books gives me the push to strive harder. But then, like all things, even motivation can fade off - and the best thing to do for yourself is keep perservering.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nestlings

This was an amazing and educational experience for us. First, we watched a pair of birds build its nest on one of the potted plants situated at the corner of our porch in Melaka - they laboriously collected twigs, tissue papers, and recycled other materials found nearby the compound of our house and carefully built a cosy nest for its nestlings. After a week or so, we found 2 eggs in the nest; and after a couple of weeks we spied into the nest while the parents were away to find food and saw two cute little hatchlings halfway out from the egg-shell. 

And after a week, the first hatchling flew off from its nest - it was so heartwarming to watch. But the other hatchling had trouble flying and ended up hoping on the floor. Fearing that it might be harmed by our dogs or the crows, my mom had to be the little birdie's 'parent' - by placing it back on its nest everytime it drops on the ground; much to the dismay of the the hatchling's real parents. They were always flying around the hatchling when it's on the ground; and it seemed as though they were teaching it to fly. It is so heart-warming to watch them protect and guard the hatchling from any potential danger; and feeding it as the little fellow hops on the ground. They even tried to attack my mother when she picked the little fellow up to place it in the safety of its nest. Eventually, the little fellow managed to fly :) The whole experience of watching the parent and the hatchlings was very special for us :)

The hatchling that had trouble flying - such a cutie pie