Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One More Day

I just finished reading Mitch Albom's 'One More Day'. A fantastic, heart-warming story! Made me realise how precious time is...and i start to appreciate every moment spent with my folks...they are the most amazing people I've met; ever-patient with everyone; and with a big heart... i love them with all my heart...we do have our differences in opinions; which I tend to take it so personally last time. but now, i've learnt the art of patience from them....and that is the greatest gift that they are giving me; cultivating me to be a calm person even amidst storm... I'd rate this book 10/10; invokes a deep sense of realisation...

Book Update

I am currently reading Freakonomics...a very intriguing read, I would allows my mind to analyze human behaviour in a manner beyond the 'conventional wisdom'... the authors ask very interesting questions like why do drug dealers still live with their moms? and most of the answers provided are beyond what we would expect... and this really reinforces human behavioural pattern which governs every move or decision that we make. this is one of the books which deeply interests me, especially so since I am in Economics field myself; in which i can pass this knowledge to my students. I'd rate this book 10/10 :)

I m back

I m back....After a long time....alot of things have happened since...had been a struggle for these past few months...yesterday i was feeling quite down...but managed to beat that... i m back, vibrant and energetic....set out to make a difference :) and i feel so good now...and i hope and pray that no matter what happens i will stand strong and unshaken...

well, today started well....i m happy with my boss and my colleagues...they are very nice people... and i cherish moments with them...yesterday met up with Vatsie; she's down for a training in TM. had good time with her, reflecting on all the jolly good moments back in Uni. brought her for a tour in our new campus; and all the flashback...gosh, it was so overwhelming...i thank God for all those fabulous memories; which forever will be with me...

Going lunch with Chin Lay today. her birthday is coming and i plan to bake her a cheese cake :) okay, me going for lunch now; early back :)