Sunday, October 10, 2010

My 31st Pre-Birthday Celebration

Since Alfred had to go back to KL on Monday for work (I told him to save his annual leaves when the baby arrives), we celebrated my 31st birthday one day prior to my actual birthday. We decided to go  for the Malacca River Cruise - it's so cool to be a tourist in my own hometown. It was an awesome 45-minute boat ride along the historical Malacca river - felt like traveling back to the 15th century - the era where the Malacca river was an important conduit for trade. With the some old Malay songs playing in the background, the river cruise exuded a nostalgic and romantic feel to it.

 Inside the boat

Along the river bank, we passed by Kampung Morten Malay Village which houses some unique and traditional Malay wooden houses (rumah kampong) - which was preserved as a historical site. We were captivated by some of the murals on the buildings located along the river bank. The Malacca state government has done an excellent job in cleaning up and beautifying the river banks and the surrounding buildings and houses along the river bank. A few years back, I remembered the river being filthy and murky - a former colleague of mine from India even remarked that he thought it was a drain and not a river - how insulting it is to the river which was once the main artery of trade bustling with traders from all around the world. 

Costing only RM10 for adult and RM5 for children, this is a unique and nostalgic tour which visitors must not miss when you are in Malacca and of course Malaccans should list it in the list-of-places-to-see. The best time to go is at night when the lights are switched on to illuminate both sides of the river bank - simply beautiful!

 Ferris wheel

 Us after a nostalgic cruise along the historical river

 The boat

After the cruise, we dined at the Harpers Cafe. Situated by the side of the riverbank, it certainly promises a romantic dining experience. We just sat there enjoying the night view of the river while enjoying our dinner. I truly enjoyed the whole experience and am looking forward to going for the nostalgic ride again along the Malacca river. Sometimes, the best things are found just at our backyard :)

 A beautiful view while dining at the Harpers Cafe 

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