Saturday, September 11, 2010

Outing with Best buddies

We finally managed to meet up with Ai Lin during the Hari Raya holidays. It seemed like ages back since I last met up with her. It was good to see her - and the tiga sekawan met up and chit-chatted -  just like the good ol' days.

We had lunch in Sizzling Stone Grill in Jusco AEON. Had a great time bonding and catching up. It was the first time we are going out with Renee and Ai Lin as a couple - and we had a great time together. Renee especially seemed to know alot about pregnancy-related symptoms - I was impressed! He asked me questions about my pregnancy symptoms - I never knew a man would be interested to be equipped with such knowledge. He is definitely more than prepared to be a dad soon - HINT HINT to Ai Lin, hehe.

Tiga sekawan at the Sizzling Stone Grill restaurant

After lunch, we walked around the shopping complex and as a finale had some coffee and cake at Coffee Beans. I know with our busy schedules (except for me; hehe, I have been having just too much free time on my hand this year), it's hard to find a common time for all of us to meet up. So this outing was something to be tressured :)

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